[Samba] to know which dns-backend ?

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Oct 13 14:18:29 UTC 2016

Hi Felipe,

Am 13.10.2016 um 14:35 schrieb Felipe_G0NZÁLEZ_SANTIAG0 via samba:
> I need to know a strategy to identify which dns-backend are
> Samba4 DC using: BIND9 or Internal?

Run :
   # netstat -taunp | grep ":53"
If the port is used by the "samba" process, it's the internal DNS, if
it's "named", then it's BIND.

> Some time ago someone told me I can check this by verifying
> if exists the user 'dns-hostname'. 
> But, what if this user has been deleted? 

BIND requires this account to access the directory. However, I'm not
sure if we delete it if you switch from BIND9_DLZ to the internal DNS.

> On the other hand, How can I know if my server is
> running Samba4 AD?

You want to know if a host acts as a Samba AD DC?
- Check the process list. If there is a "samba" process running, it's an
AD DC. If there are only smbd|nmbd|winbind, then it's a different mode.
- Use "netstat" again. A DC uses different ports than a domain member,
PDC, or standalone. See


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