[Samba] Change user's email domain in AD

John Yocum jtyocum at uw.edu
Wed Oct 12 22:33:21 UTC 2016

On 10/12/2016 03:08 PM, John Gardeniers via samba wrote:
> We are preparing for an email domain name change. Is there a way I can
> script this in AD? I can of course manually edit each user's email
> address but I'd rather use a script that can be tied in with other
> scripted processes that will be performed during the switch-over, which
> would save me considerable time. I can't use ADUC for this because the
> username part of the email address is not necessarily tied to their
> logon, or even their full name, so there's no variable I can use to
> match that part.
> regards,
> John

You could use a script to generate an LDIF that makes all the changes.
And, then apply the LDIF with ldbmodify.

John Yocum, Systems Administrator, DEOHS

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