[Samba] Samba 4.5.0 dbcheck problems

Chris Alavoine chrisa at acs-info.co.uk
Wed Oct 12 12:29:52 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded all our DC's (we have 9 spread over various global
Sites) to 4.5.0.

I run a dbcheck on our FSMO-owner DC once per day from a cron job and this
threw up a ton of errors on the first pass after the upgrade. After running
it several times with the --fix flag I've got the errors down to 603 but
these last errors are refusing to be removed.

Here is an example of each type:

*ERROR: incorrect GUID component for member in object
CN=examplegroup,OU=Groups,DC=example,DC=internal,DC=com -

*ERROR: incorrect DN string component for member in object
CN=admin-group-001,OU=Groups,DC=example,DC=internal,DC=com -

*unable to find object for DN
CN=test.user2,CN=Users,DC=example,DC=internal,DC=com - (No such Base DN:
*Not removing dangling forward link*

I have edited these entries to maintain anonymity.

Any ideas on how to remove these errors?

Replication appears to be working fine between all DCs (aside from one that
is showing a WERR_BADFILE error, although I don't think this is related),
we are able to use the domain as normal and performance seems good. Would
be nice to clean up these errors though.


ACS (Alavoine Computer Services Ltd)
Chris Alavoine
mob +44 (0)7724 710 730

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