[Samba] samba with customized ldap backend

Arun Gupta arung at cdac.in
Wed Oct 12 05:30:12 UTC 2016


Please help me out


On Tue, 4 Oct 2016, Arun Gupta wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have configured ldap with uid='some numeric' instead of uid=username
> like that;
> dn: uid=102220,ou=User,dc=example,dc=com
> uid: 102220
> username: test1
> cn: Test Account
> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
> objectClass: posixAccount
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: shadowAccount
> objectClass: sambaSamAccount
> mail: test1 at cdac.in
> shadowLastChange: 15587
> loginShell: /bin/bash
> uidNumber: 5345
> gidNumber: 5345
> homeDirectory: /home/test1
> userPassword: {SSHA256}v7vlA8YYjJ27IbPQQa8eaChdHFcnw==
> sambaPwdLastSet: 1473165911
> sambaLMPassword: 7e58f6a33f8b3ef68ef354180a3a1da7
> sambaSID: S-1-5-21-4079184197-2446238136-3299756537-1008
> sambaAcctFlags: [UX         ]
> sambaNTPassword: 0242A7FEC5CD294F916925766089E573
> when I configured samba with ldap backend then samba is not able to get user 
> information (because samba always search attribute uid=numeric), but when I 
> replace uid=username (uid=test1 instead of uid=102220) it works and 
> authenticate successful.
> As I have 3000+ users in ldap and it is not possible to change to all user 
> settings, request to you kindly give me some clue to find out the solution, I 
> will highly obliged for the same.

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