[Samba] using samba with sssd

Andreas Matthus andreas.matthus at tu-dresden.de
Thu Oct 6 07:04:41 UTC 2016


it ist possible using samba with authenfication over sssd?
I have two different openLDAP-server on different places. Each give
logins for ssh, su, samba and many other thinks. In samba I use
passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://...
The uid/gid-numbers differ, that by merging no overlapping exist.
Now I try using sssd and it work fine for su and ssh (over nsswitch and
pam). It enable logins independent of LDAP-source. But for samba I can't
find a solution working too.

In future I should like to use a thrid source which is not in my own
hand. In this way merging my own LDAPs in one server is not a solution.

Has somebody a advice?

with regards
Andreas Matthus

Dipl.-Phys. Andreas Matthus

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