[Samba] ldb-tools stand alone different than built-in?

Greg Zartman gzartman at koozali.org
Mon Oct 3 19:30:30 UTC 2016

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 12:10 PM, Sketch <smblist at rednsx.org> wrote:

> I would assume they would work if you built Samba against them so that
> it's ldb modules were built for the same version.  But that seems like a
> lot of work when you can just use the CentOS ldb-tools package.

Well the ldb-tools package from COS doesn't work, as we've discussed
previously.    Rebuilding the COS 7 samba SRPM with the ldb tools isn't
that difficult given it needs to be rebuild anyway to provide DC
functionality.  Here are the mods I made the spec file to build the ldb

-%global with_internal_ldb 0
+%global with_internal_ldb 1

+Requires: libldb

-Requires: pyldb
+#Requires: pyldb


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