[Samba] Simple Samba server for "at home" - what do I need and what not?

Marc Haber mh+samba at zugschlus.de
Mon Oct 3 12:17:30 UTC 2016


after two decades without a dedicated file server at home, it is about
time to have Samba.

While I am mainly a Linux guy there is a couple of systems that don't
find rsync and sshfd adequate. We do have a handfull of standalone
Windows 10 machines, a bunch of smartphones and a zoo of home
entertainment appliances such as a TV, Sat receivers, IP radios/audio
players. In addition to having Samba on this box, I do plan to publish
parts of the audio/video achive via DLNA, so it would be a pain to
configure the Samba server that DLNA becomes hard to build.

I would like ot have Debian jessie as operating system, which comes
with Samba 4.1.17.

Since we are talking about at most 20 different accounts to access the
Samba server, I'd like to avoid going AD. I am fine with having to use
the command line to create new Samba accounts and to set file access
privileges. I do not care about being able to use the Windows machines
to set file access rights - those machines are unlikely to ever see
credentials for an accout with elevated privileges on the Linux system.

But I would like to have different accounts with different access
rights so that the multimedia machines do not get access to my
financial documents.

In this environment, which samba features do I need? Which ones do I
disable? Which ones are helpful but not really necessary? Is there
documentation that describes this simple use-case?

Any hints will be appreciated.


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