[Samba] Recommended DNS configuration on Domain Controllers causes share by IP name to fail

Izan Díez Sánchez ids at empre.es
Wed Nov 30 12:17:18 UTC 2016


Following DNS configuration of multiple DCs recommended on the wiki
rectory#DNS_Configuration_on_Domain_Controllers , clients are unable to open
windows shares based on the server IP, for example \\ . However
they work fine opening either the netbios name or the DNS name, for example
\\FILESERVER1 or \\FILESERVER1.domain.local 

Here it is what the article says:

DNS Configuration on Domain Controllers

The DNS configuration on domain controllers (DC) is important, because if it
is unable to locate other DCs the replication will fail. The following is a
best practice for DNS configuration on domain controllers (DC):
Set the local IP of a DC as secondary or tertiary nameserver entry in its
/etc/resolv.conf file and use a different Active Directory (AD) DNS server
IP from the forest as primary name server. For example:
On the new joined DC, use the IP of the existing DC as primary and
the local IP as secondary nameserver entry:
nameserver       # IP of the new joined DC as secondary entry
search samdom.example.com
If you are running more than two DCs, you can configure the IPs in crosswise

This only occurs with Windows File Servers and never with other Samba
members of the AD. If tried to access via the graphical interface the
explorer just takes forever and hangs. The following error is thrown in the
command line:

C:\Users\ids>net view \\
System error 53.

The network path was not found.

Changing the configuration of /etc/resolv.conf to the following:

nameserver 	# IP of the new joined DC as secondary entry
search samdom.example.com

That is, always the first name server as itself in every DC of the domain.
Makes the shares referred as the IP to work as expected. I tested in a pure
Windows AD and this is the normal behavior.

It seems that is some kind of dns query loop trying to do the reverse name
resolution, but I wasn’t able to debug further.

Has anyone experienced something similar? 

Izan Díez Sánchez 
ids at empre.es
Empresarios Agrupados 
+34 91 309 80 00 (ext: 8813) 
Magallanes 3
28015 Madrid 

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