[Samba] Reverse zones fail with secure updates

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Nov 28 15:40:36 UTC 2016

Hai James, 

So a windows xp works but Win7/10 not, at least is good hint. 

So, i did have a look in my setup again. 
And i'm thinking, i have disabled ipv6 for my windows 7 and win 10 pc's. 
That may be an option.. 

A thing you can try, have a look here : 
ipv6 Admx to simple disable ipv6. 

I've set : Disable all IPv6 components.

I also checked my dhcp options. 
Im sending these options
003 route
004 time
006 dns servers
015 DNS Domain Name 	( your_primary.domain.tld ) 
042 NTP
046 WINS Node type : (0x8) 

And last thing what can be different. 
I have made my own CA root and client certs, im not using the generated certs from samba. 
And the CA root is also published to all my win7/10 computers. 

I suggest give it a try, and report back.



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> Louis,
>      I have been unsuccessful with getting this to work. However I do
> have a caveat to this. I have a legacy Windows XP device on my domain
> that did register it's PTR record. My Windows 7 and 10 devices do not.
> I'll investigate a bit further but I believe Samba is working correctly.
> Thanks for the help.
> --
> - James

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