[Samba] Samba and kerberized NFSv4

Matthias Kahle ir-lists-samba at gdnsc.de
Mon Nov 28 06:14:49 UTC 2016

Hi Folks

I'm trying to share user home directories hosted on a Samba-4 member
server via NFSv4. Everything's working well with the Windows shares but
when it comes to kerberized  NFSv4 it fails. I can't even mount the home
root directory via nfs on the server itself ("mount.nfsv4: access denied
by server while mounting ...").

As far as I have tracked it down, it appears to me that the server's is
searching in its database for a userPrincipalName=nfs/server.dom.tld
while I have added a servicePrincipalNamenfs/server.dom.tld with the
samba-tool. Due to this neither the server is getting a TGT nor the
client a TGS ...

Am I doing anything wrong? Is that beahaviour intentional?

Version affacted is samba 4.2.10 from the official debian 8 repositories
(on DCs and the member server).

Kind regards,

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