[Samba] Samba on Debian 8; NT4 domain, win10

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Sat Nov 26 10:28:02 UTC 2016

Am 2016-11-25 um 12:10 schrieb Stefan Kania via samba:
> Am 25.11.2016 um 10:12 schrieb Stefan G. Weichinger via samba:
>> Just a general question ahead:
>> I have various issues with Samba-4.2.10 on Debian 8.6 (in combination
>> with NT4-based domain and Win10pro-clients).
> Windows 20 is NOT supporting NT-style Domains anymore, no matter which
> Samba-Version you are using. You can do it, but you have to make a lot
> of changes in the registry of any of your Windows 10 clients. So better
> switch to AD.

Is there any comprehensive list or guide on what registry-changes are 
needed? In the specific case it will be problematic in terms of budget 
to add a domain-switch now as well.

I already tried to upgrade the given domain in a test VM, I always hit 
small issues and therefore hesitated to roll that domain out in production.

Although it shouldn't be that hard, it is a small domain with ~30 users 
and nothing in it aside from users/passwords as far as I understand.

I perfectly understand and agree that the switch would be best, I just 
haven't done that sucessfully before and have to maintain a productive 
environment there all the time.

This is why I stayed with NT4-domain so far and only switched hardware 
and OS recently. Now I see problems with joining PCs to the domain, and 
issues with login scripts etc ... I search and google my way through but 
it doesn't feel solid so far.

Thanks all, nice weekend, Stefan

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