[Samba] CTDB implementation lock file permission denied

Matthias Keil mkeil at netcom.com.de
Mon Nov 21 20:12:11 UTC 2016

Hi folks,


I know this topic was already discussed but unfortunately non of the
suggestion's helped.

My current setup, Glusterfs on ZFS, CTDB installed but running into
"Permission denied" error in regards to the lock file.


What did I tried/tested:


-          Mounting the gluster volume with option --direct-io-mode=enable

-          ping_pong -rw /gluster/lock/lock 3 (result when starting on
second note:data increment is changing from 1 to 2

-          changing lock file locatin. Moving it to the root of the gluster


I appreciate any help to get this up and running.

Please see below list of installed packages 


centos-release-gluster38.noarch 1.0-1.el7.centos               @extras

glusterfs.x86_64                3.8.5-1.el7

glusterfs-api.x86_64            3.8.5-1.el7

glusterfs-cli.x86_64            3.8.5-1.el7

glusterfs-client-xlators.x86_64 3.8.5-1.el7

glusterfs-fuse.x86_64           3.8.5-1.el7

glusterfs-libs.x86_64           3.8.5-1.el7

glusterfs-server.x86_64         3.8.5-1.el7

samba.x86_64                    4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

samba-client-libs.x86_64        4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

samba-common.noarch             4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

samba-common-libs.x86_64        4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

samba-common-tools.x86_64       4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

samba-libs.x86_64               4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

ctdb.x86_64                     4.2.10-7.el7_2                 @updates

zfs.x86_64                       @zfs

zfs-dkms.noarch                  @zfs

zfs-release.noarch              1-3.el7.centos



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