[Samba] db check fails

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Nov 21 10:01:17 UTC 2016

Hi Bob, 


Sorry for the late responce, i was out for the weekend. 

I saw you got it fixed, good. ;-) 

Good to know its a bug. Thanks Rowland for pointing that out. 

( added that in the script. )


@Marc, this is nothing fancy.

This script use the commands as the samba wiki wants us too. 


check DB replication. : a 2 way database replication checker. 

Using the commands: samba-tool dbcheck and samba-tool ldapcmp --filter=..  




This script returns all needed settings, just for a quick checkup.

I've adjusted it a bit, so give hints where your error might be.

and a correct output example:  ( if someone can make this in a nice output, im all ears ) 


Server info:                    detected                command and where to look

This server hostname          =  dc1 (hostname -s and /etc/hosts and DNS server)

This server FQDN (hostname)   =  dc1.internal.domain.tld     (hostname -f and /etc/hosts and DNS server)

This server primary dnsdomain = internal.domain.tld     (hostname -d and /etc/resolv.conf and DNS server)

This server IP address(ses)   =         (hostname -i (-I) and /etc/networking/interfaces and DNS server

The DC with FSMO roles        =  DC1 (samba-tool fsmo show)

The DC (with FSMO) Site name  = Default-First-Site-Name (samba-tool fsmo show)

The Default Naming Context    = DC=internal,DC=domain,DC=tld    (samba-tool fsmo show)

The Kerberos REALM name used  = KERBEROS.REAL     (kinit and /etc/krb5.conf and resolving)

The Ipadres of DC  dc1.internal.domain.tld        =

The Ipadres of DC  dc2.internal.domain.tld        =



The scripts are nothing fancy but if you have a “incorrect” setup. 

You get errors. Main goal if that with these script we point where the error  is expected. 







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> > On 2016-11-19 07:54, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:

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> There appears to be a fix to stop it happening in the bug report, but

> nothing (as yet) to fix existing databases.


> Rowland


> I ran samba-tool dbcheck on both DC's and they both report no errors.


> I'll just keep an eye on this. Maybe it will be corrected when 4.5.2 is

> released.


> Thanks.


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