[Samba] Problem since upgrade to 4.5.1

mathias dufresne infractory at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 16:32:47 UTC 2016

Just a though as I was passing in the neighbourhood:
does your Terminal Server have related SPN (ServicePrincipalName) created
on computer objects?

servicePrincipalName: HOST/W7AD-02
servicePrincipalName: HOST/W7AD-02.ad.domain.tld
servicePrincipalName: TERMSRV/W7AD-02.ad.domain.tld
servicePrincipalName: TERMSRV/W7AD-02

HOST/<hostname> should exist on all computers, that's just to be thorough.
TERMSRV/<hostname> should exist on Windows you want to access through RDP
(if my little understanding regarding SPN is correct)

2016-11-18 10:20 GMT+01:00 Alex Crow via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>:

> On 17/11/16 21:48, John Gardeniers via samba wrote:
>> Since upgrading our DCs to Sernet Samba v4.5.1 we are experiencing
>> problems using Remote Desktop from Windows boxes. The rather useless and
>> completely misleading error message states:
>> "The connection cannot be completed because the remote computer that was
>> reached is not the one you specified. This could be caused by an outdated
>> entry in the DNS cache. Try using the IP address of the computer instead."
>> We are able to RDP using the IP address from a Windows machine. We are
>> also able to RDP by either name or address from a Linux machine. It's only
>> when we try to connect by name from a Windows machine that we have this
>> problem. It all worked perfectly fine prior to the Samba upgrade.
>> It most certainly is not a DNS issue but just to be ultra sure the caches
>> on both the client and destination boxes were flushed, We also rebooted
>> both machines.
>> The clocks were also checked against those on the DCs, with a maximum
>> discrepancy of one second. The time on the two DCs matched to within 0.002
>> seconds.
>> Anyone have any theories about this? Or a solution?
>> regards,
>> John
> Hi John,
> I've just tested on our newest test domain and I could not reproduce this
> connecting to our single Server 2008 R2 Terminal Server from Windows 7.
> I presume you can resolve the names OK from your Windows client machine?
> Cheers,
> Alex
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