[Samba] Clients can't write to group-writable files - plea for help

Josh Malone jmalone at nrao.edu
Wed Nov 16 20:12:06 UTC 2016

On 11/16/16 2:32 PM, Jeremy Allison via samba wrote:
>> But the file is not root:root - it's owned by uid 12477 and group
>> 9006. Why is Samba getting the wrong owner/group for this file?
> That is the core of your problem. What does the full debug level 10
> log say around this message ?

Nothing that I can see.

In any case, I've resolved my issue. By setting a user map script that
just returns $1, the problem goes away. It's as if samba wasn't
processing the trivial case of unix = windows without this help. I
couldn't even use an empty usermap or find any other usermap setup that
worked. Not sure why.

And I only had to resort to this on my RHEL6 servers. Ubuntu server
handles it just fine without maps or scripts.

On 11/16/16 11:21 AM, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> If you are connecting to an Unix domain member, you don't use a
> username map, you give your windows users a uidNumber attribute and
> they become Unix users as well, provided the Unix domain member is
> setup correctly.
> Don't remember seeing the smb.conf files you are using, this may
> help with your problem.
> Rowland

My AD account objects all have uidNumber and gidNumber set (we use that 
for the Mac systems bound to AD). And the AD usernames match the NIS 
usernames. (the uid/gids match too).

Is there documentation that focuses on the simple "Member server" case 
for just serving files to users who exist on both unix and AD? Seems 
like most of the docs assume you're using Samba as a DC or something 
more magical than a simple file server.

In any case, thanks to all who chimed in on my problem. Very much


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