[Samba] Multiple location DC's with same hostnames

John Crombie john.crombie at unison.com.au
Wed Nov 16 04:43:36 UTC 2016


Not sure exactly how I would word the subject line so appologies in advanced. 

We are trying to accomplish the following scenario: 

Location 1: 
PDC: fs01.loc1.example.com 

Location 2: 
SDC: fs01.loc2.example.com 

Clearly when we join the SDC to the PDC there is a naming conflict. The end result would be to have clients at each site resolve the fs01 name to the local site while retaining the credential synchronization across the two locations. We were initially using the BIND9_DLZ dns backend however we were having difficulties in getting the dynamic updates workign from windows clients. Is the above senario possible to accomplish with a SAMBA_INTERNAL dns backend? If so could you point me in the correct direction. 

As a workaround we have renamed the DCs and added static entries in the hosts files and pushing out the DNS suffixes to windows client machines for the respective locations. Hoping we can integrate this into the internal DNS somehow though. 

Kind regards, 
John Crombie 

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