[Samba] Disk size on share with multiple partitions

Jochen Eggemann Jochen.Eggemann at nw-fva.de
Tue Nov 15 11:25:32 UTC 2016

Hi list,

I am exporting share which has a small base partition into which several 
much larger partitions are mounted. Which are used by different user groups.

My problem is, that windows takes the size of the base partition to be 
the size of the whole share.

If I try to copy anything larger than the base partion into a partition 
that is actually larger Windows reports insuffient disk size for the 
copy operation and quits. I can copy when I use chunks under the size of 
the base partition.

Is there any possibiity to overcome that problem, or do I have to make 1 
large partion and use quotas.

Regards, Jochen

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