[Samba] azure AD Connect | passwords not syncing

Lesfourmisduweb blog at lesfourmisduweb.org
Sun Nov 13 12:19:51 UTC 2016


I spoke a little fast.

"Check script password" is used to retrieve the password but not the 

So my script is not adaptable for this samba options.

I had basically done my script for the self-service-password tool 
(http://ltb-project.org/wiki/documentation/self-service-password). I was 
hoping to be able to adapt it on branch 4.5 of Samba.

I did not find solution to retrieve the username with "check script 


Le 11/11/2016 à 16:02, mj via samba a écrit :
> Hi Simon,
> On 11/11/2016 03:00 PM, Lesfourmisduweb via samba wrote:
>> For my script :
>> https://github.com/sfonteneau/script_modify_password_googleapps_and_office365 
> Thanks, I'll take a look.
>> Another idea: AD refuses to change a password on a clear connection.
>> It may be the same for the consultation of the hash? Have you set up
>> lts or ldaps with ad ?
> But I'm not sure I understand why that would be relevant. We have 
> installed the microsoft AD Connect tools on a windows 2012 server 
> (thus all native) and  no ldap config/access required anywhere.
> It's all microsoft tools talking with other microsoft tools.
> (only the DCs happen to be samba)
> So I'm not sure where I would configure ldap/tls..?
> MJ

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