[Samba] CTDB and samba private dir (+ldap)

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 9 17:03:43 UTC 2016

On 09/11/16 16:05, lejeczek via samba wrote:
> hi everyone
> an attempt to set up a cluster, I'm reading around and see 
> some howto writers would say to put "private dir on the FS 
> cluster" - one question I have: is this correct? necessary?
> I have partial success, I get:
> $ ctdb status
> Number of nodes:2
> pnn:0        OK
> pnn:1        UNHEALTHY (THIS NODE)
> Generation:323266562
> Size:2
> hash:0 lmaster:0
> hash:1 lmaster:1
> Recovery mode:NORMAL (0)
> Recovery master:0
> I use:
>   passdb backend = ldapsam:"ldapi:///var/run/ldapi"
>   idmap backend = ldap:"ldapi:///var/run/ldapi"
> and on that one "unhealthy" node I see:
> 50.samba: ERROR: smb.conf cache create failed
why would this one server be unable to create that file?
If I copy it manually while ctdb is running I see:

50.samba: WARNING: smb.conf cache update failed - using old 
cache file
Node became HEALTHY. Ask recovery master 0 to perform ip 


$ ctdb status
Number of nodes:2
pnn:0        OK
pnn:1        OK (THIS NODE)

but only so far as next stop/restart. What the heck?

> would you care to make some sense out of it for me please?

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