[Samba] adding Windows client reverse dns entries

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Nov 7 08:51:50 UTC 2016

>> I thought the W clients (both W7 and W10) reverse dns PTR records 
>> where added by the ADDC automatically.

Yes, correct if your setup is correct then yes this works. 
With a default windows install and with a few GPO changes.

> Early samba4 versions does not support (or have a buggy support) for auto->register PTR recors, as far i remember. 
I use windows to let it register and update its own record. 

My setup. 
Samba 4.4.5, win7 64b/win10 64b. 
Static and dhcp ips. ( dhcp is not linked to the samba DC ) 

I did set in the gpo, in network/DNS client.  ( computer policy )
The connections specific DNS suffix. 
Enable dynamic update. 
Primay DNS suffic 
Register PTR. 



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