[Samba] Samba authentication

Asen Asenov aasenov.bg at gmail.com
Mon May 30 07:48:19 UTC 2016


I have one question regarding configuration of Samba authentication against
multiple AD domains. I red different topics for AD support, where Samba can
act as DC or just Domain Member, or to trust other domains and etc, but
none of this solves my problem. I don't have access to the domain
controllers itself. I can contact them, with different admin credentials
and so on, but I can't access them directly. I can join the machine to one
of the domains, but I can't trust it from other domains, as I can't access

So my question is whether there is an option to authenticate against
multiple AD domains, without joining/trusting them – through PAM module or
something else, keeping the security level at least to NTLMv1?

Asen Asenov

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