[Samba] Ransomware?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri May 20 08:56:44 UTC 2016

Am 20.05.2016 um 08:25 schrieb Fabian Cenedese:
>>> Is it only CIFS drive shares it goes after?
>> It's quite simple: if the user can write onto the share then ransomware
>> also can write.
> Samba/Windows shares can be discovered, that's how Windows itself
> does it when browsing the network. It wouldn't be difficult for a virus
> to use the FTP protocol as well. However it wouldn't know what server
> to connect to and what username/password to use if protected. The
> same is true for other protocols (SSH, rsync etc). That's why those
> ways of backupping are more secure. Unless the virus goes phishing
> and makes you enter the credentials...

no backup at all is secure which is accessable by the user over network 
and with his credentials

a network backup-server has *to pull data* like with rsync-over-ssh and 
a private key but the exposed source machine must not have a private key 
to access the backup target which also means recovery is only possible 
*from* the backup machine

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