[Samba] Repeat Question with more Info about strange winbind behaviour

ray klassen julius_ahenobarbus at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 19 19:05:56 UTC 2016

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OS: Debian Jessie Samba version: 2:4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u2
strange behaviours 
before I set "winbind use rpc only = yes" 
1) "wbinfo -u" would pause and return nothing2) "getent passwd" would display only the user info in the local files
3) "wbinfo -g" would return list of domain groups4) "wbinfo -i user" would display the user information of one user5) "getent passwd user" would display the user information in passwd format
after I set "winbind use rpc only = yes" everything seems to work normally. i.e. the 1 and 2 return a full list.this would seem to indicate to me that winbind was getting incomplete info from ldap on the PDC.I have no idea how this could happen. Other machines on my network do not have this issue. Even one almost identical. It's a mirror on the other end of a VPN. It doesn't seem to need "winbind use rpc only = yes" OpenLDAP had a size limit on lookups. Is there such a thing in the SAMBA 4 ldap backend?
Is needing "winbind use rpc only = yes" indicative of something wrong?
</original unanswered message>

tcpdump/wireshark revealed a strange behaviour.

It appears that winbindd is constantly asking the pdc to authenticate as root. to which the pdc replies. (from Wireshark packet decoding)

eRR-C-PRINCIPAL-UNKNOWN ... KerberosString: root

this request is ongoing, twice a second, in fact.  

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