[Samba] Compile Samba for Windows Use - SMBClient.exe mainly

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat May 14 07:47:09 UTC 2016

On 13/05/16 19:28, Allan P. Dynes wrote:
> Unfortunately that’s not going to be an option.  I'm using a cloud sharing software package called Pydio and it was originally written for *nix platforms.  I got it running amazingly well on a 2012 R2 server with IIS 8.5 but there is no built in way to access another server share from the platform other than FTP over SSH or Samba.  Again it was written for *nix so those options make sense.  However I'm on Server 2012 trying to access another Server 2012.

Have you tried 'putty' ? this provides FTP over SSH


>  From reading more about this the WAF build system was implemented for a 4.* series of Samba.  Since others I linked to have compiled different version of 3.* it stands to reason I can possible compile 3.6.25 on Windows?  Should my question be targeted more twords a Cygwin newsgroup/forum then the Samba group or would someone have experience with building Samba on Windows have any ideas.  Again I only need the client, I really don't need to build all of Samba.
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> On Thu, 2016-05-12 at 15:39 +0000, Allan P. Dynes wrote:
>> I have an odd use case where I need to get the Samba Client
>> (SMBClient.exe) compiled for use on a Windows 2012 server to access
>> another Windows 2012 Server through SMB.  I have scoured the internet,
>> posted to forums, and even emailed authors that have compiled older
>> version of Samba with no luck.  For example Lee Peckham complied just
>> the client and posted it here:
>> https://www.leepa.io/lpackham/smbclient/ but it's v3.0.7 .  Ross Smith
>> compiled all of Samba here: https://smithii.com/samba but that's
>> 3.0.23c.  I am looking to compile the latest version of either
>> 3.* or 4.* and I have had no luck using CygWin to do so.  Not having
>> too much experience with things I may be doing something wrong but I
>> can't get past the configure stage on either 3.* or 4.* nor can I
>> compile just the client by itself which is the only part I need.
>> Are there any resources anywhere that would help get this done or any
>> suggestions anyone can make?  Or is there anyone that has experience
>> in this that is willing to give me instructions?  Or does anyone
>> already have newer version of the client compiled?  I believe the
>> issue I'm having is the older SMBClient.exe I'm using from the above
>> links has trouble with the new 2012 R2 servers.  .I can read from
>> server shares using it and get files but cannot create files (put),
>> they result in 0 byte files instead of what they should be.

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