[Samba] no login after upgrade

Achim Klausmann achim at klaurie.de
Wed May 11 17:28:00 UTC 2016

OK, i found out, that i have to reset the passwords after:

 > The users a created with:
 > for ((i=1;i<21;i++));do smbpasswd -a -n user$i;done
 > for ((i=1;i<21;i++));do smbpasswd -e -s user$i;done <<EOF
 > EOF
  for ((i=1;i<21;i++));do smbpasswd user$i;done <<EOF

 > for ((i=1;i<21;i++));do pdbedit -c '[NX ]' -u user$i;done > /dev/null 

This seems to be necessary in setup with users without password,
null paswords.
It seems that the '-n parameter' work not correct.
Or does the structur of passdb.tdb change?
Or does smbpasswd change?

No additional parameter defined in smb.conf

Best regards
A Klausmann

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