[Samba] standalone ADDC with samba_internal dns backend - windows client do not register in dns

David STIEVENARD stievenard.david at gmail.com
Wed May 4 09:02:40 UTC 2016


first project with samba, first post on this mailing list and, actually, 
first time using a mailing list ever ;-)

In summary
I try to install samba in a test VMs, everything seems fine but when 
windows client joins the domain it doesn't register in samba's internal dns

in detail
My objective
- for a small business (200 users), get rid of an old microsoft AD and 
use Samba instead
- before going into production, I test the setup on VMs to learn how the 
beast behaves
- I use the "internal_dns" as a dns backend

Problem :
- domain provision is ok
- all tests are ok
- windows client (7pro or 10pro) joins the domain without complaining 
but it doesn't register in the dns

My source of informations :
- for the setup : 
- for the verification : 
     - all thoses tests on the domains are ok
- I found also this 
but the version I use are older then 4.0.7
     - tried ipconfig /registerdns -> same problem

The operating systems OS I tested :
- samba 4.2.7 binary pkg on FreeBSD 10.2                     -> works, I 
can't find why
- samba 4.3.3 binary pkg or ports on FreeBSD 10.2        -> same problem
- samba 4.3.8 binary pkg on FreeBSD 10.3                     -> same problem
- samba 4.4.2 with github on Debian 8.4 -> same problem

Any suggestion will be appreciated !


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