[Samba] DNS issues after FSMO seize

IT Admin it at cliffbells.com
Thu Mar 31 19:12:33 UTC 2016

Aaaaaaand more problems... Welcome to the continuing saga of FILER.

It appears that neither SOA or NS records were updated during the process
of moving fsmo roles to CBADC01.  SOA entries on all three active DCs point
to FILER.  There aren't any NS records for any of the new DCs, only FILER.
In RSAT each DNS server's  properties show filer.cb.cliffbells.com is the
primary server.  This looks at awful lot like this to me:

This process is killing me.

I assume this misconfiguration is in large part responsible for
authentication and share access issues I'm now experiencing (I sent a reply
to my last thread on failing to join DCs to the domain but received no
replies).  I'm of the opinion mentioning this potential failure along with
the procedure to mitigate the issue would be useful on the wiki page
detailing transfer/seize fsmo roles...  If I read things right if the
original fsmo role holder has been demoted prior to identifying the failure
samba-tool won't be able to query the original DC and manual intervention
will be required?

Please advise.  This client is about ready to throw me off the roof and
abandon the system for quill and ink by candle light.  I'm considering just
going with it.


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