[Samba] Windows 10

Korn, Ute Ute.Korn at haw-hamburg.de
Thu Mar 31 14:24:07 UTC 2016


We have a problem with our Windows 10 Clients.
Installed on a SLES12 Server is samba v4.4

I can bind the clients to the domain without any problem. Afterwards I want to login in the domain, I get the error,

no logonserver available

I can change in the smb conf max protocol to NT1  -> now it is possible to login with user xxx in the domain

We don't want to use our samba server with the NT1 setting, so I will delete this setting

Now it is still possible to login with user xxx , but if I want to login with another user, I get the same error message

no logonserver available

is it at this time still possible to work with windows 10 and samba only with the NT1 protocol?

Kind regards Ute korn

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