[Samba] NFSv4 / Krb / wildcard in keytab

Sketch smblist at rednsx.org
Thu Mar 31 13:41:54 UTC 2016

On Thu, 31 Mar 2016, Service Informatique IF wrote:

> The problem for us is to join computer automatically to Samba : Maybe 
> you have a solution ? (without passwd)

It's not exactly without password, but if you are building your own 
machines via kickstart or similar and just want to automate the join, you 
can do a "net ads join -UAdministrator%password".

In theory you could do this with a kerberos keytab as well, using kinit 
with the keytab file, then a "net join -k" (possibly "-k yes"), as 
described here 
However, I seem to recall not being able to get "net join -k" to work last 
time I tried.  I'm also not sure that distributing keytabs for 
adminsitrative accounts is any better than using a password.

> Or maybe if it's possible, create computer accounts in Samba with 
> samba-tool user add ...  and so, I could create computer keytab directly 
> from Samba.

I suspect this may be possible, but I've never tried it.  You would also 
have to copy the keytab to the appropriate machines after creating them.

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