[Samba] [WIP][PATCH] 'fix' smbspool_krb5_wrapper, libexecdir and ctdb helper binary locations for 4.4

Miguel Medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Thu Mar 24 23:22:07 UTC 2016

> I'm sorry, I missed the release with ths one.

:-) That's okay, I did it during ./configure.

> If you file a bug, it will make this a little harder to forget, and we
> can get this sorted for the next release (not sure if we will move
> binaries around during the release series).

Ok. I will try to do that.

On a related note, does sysvol really need to be in 
"/usr/local/samba/var/locks"? This is a monstrous path and there's 
already a "/usr/local/samba/var/lock", which is somewhat prone to 
confusion... Why not /usr/local/samba/var/sysvol"?

Anyway, I just said goodbye to the old faithful Sernet packages I have 
been using for many years. After some tests with the 4.3.x line, I went 
to 4.4.0 on the AD DC and two member servers. All went very well. Thank 
you again to the Samba developers.

While adapting the "samba_backup" script that comes with the Samba 
source for the new installation path, I stumbled across a limitation in 
tar. It truncates the packaged paths to about 100 characters and as such 
it cannot accommodate the contents of "sysvol". I found discussions 
about this dating at least from 6 years ago and the problem continues, 
at least in the platform I am using, CentOS 7.2. Turning to star now. I 
already confirmed that it doesn't have this limitation. Let's see if it 
preserves the extended attributes correctly.

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