Михаил Прокопенко ca6aka.bim at mail.ru
Sun Mar 20 18:47:38 UTC 2016

We used successfully samba 3.5.15-74.fc15 in our production (animation studio). It was installed on FC15 on ext4 volume.
Now, we got new hardware and tried fresh software installation:
it is CentOS7, with Samba 4.1.12 and XFS volumes.
So, now we got strange problem. Some production software (Autodesk Maya2016) got errors trying to work with files. There is no such problem with Samba3.
For instance, we want to get software render - i.e. generate some files on samba share. But we got error message with “permission error” in Maya log. The files appeared in appropriate folder, but all of them are truncated - about 100 byte length instead of hundred of bytes. The very strange moment, that this error depend on file type to generate. .iff files are ok, but most all others (png, tiff, psd) - generates errors.
Samba log files contains some NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED messages. But all the files are available from clients and there is no problem to create folder\files as the software requires.
What may be the reason? How can we solve that?

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