[Samba] connection problem to fileshare for a certain user

neumn burnin.rubber999 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 23:16:58 UTC 2016

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I use samba for a long time, and didn't touch the config since. A while ago
i did a debian update to jessie, because i was way behind with updates on
wheezy. Samba got probably also a big jump in version.

Since then i have connection problems for my default user that connects to
the samba server shares.

On the samba server, I have two users. 'home' and 'nikias' both with
On my win10 laptop and win10 pc I have the same users, but 'home'-user
without password, and 'nikias' with the same password as on linux.
Same for my win7 media center pc.
I have no domain. (you'll see however logs about a domain, GALIA) but for
all my win pc's i've set the workgroup on GALIA.

The user i can't connect with is the 'home' user on Win10. Strangely i can
connect from the win7 'home' user, but apparently, it connects as guest,
meaning i won't have write permissions.

I've came accross posts saying things about SMB2, but that didn't solve the
issue. but that's probably not related because i can connect with the user

Any Ideas?
In attach i have some log snippets from the different pc's/users and some
config lines.

Could it use some other authentication routine, because for 'home'  
i see a log like
Forcing primary group to 'domain users' for home 
and then later 
Bad smb2 signature for message

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