[Samba] static vs shared modules build

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Mar 17 00:03:58 UTC 2016

Am 16.03.2016 um 19:13 schrieb Miguel Medalha:
>>> what other behavior do you expect?
>>> how would you remove "acl_xattr" from global for a share otherwise?
> Well, I wouldn't declare it in [global] then :-)
>>> global: this is what has to be active everywhere until i say other
>>> share: i now say other and i say it *fully*
>>> any other behavior in the past by mixing half of [global] and add [share]
> was as clear bug and undefined behavior
> It's a way (maybe a good one) of looking at it. Nevertheless, it worked as I
> described until version 3.6.
> I think that you didn't quite understand what I meant. I understand your
> reasoning but why should declaring an additional module in a share nullify
> the globally set parameter? Using your terms:
> global: I want this module to be active for ALL my shares. If I don't want
> it on all my shares, I won't put it in [global]

surely, if i want it on all shares expect a single one

[global] is for things you want without declare them in each and every 
share and so in the best case all of your shares just have

  path = /what/ever/dir

and only list options where you differ from your global defaults

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