[Samba] static vs shared modules build

Miguel Medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Tue Mar 15 20:51:30 UTC 2016

> well, not sure - in fact you can configure each share with different 
> "vfs objects" and so configuration likely still is needed - i referred 
> more to my expierience with httpd where you don't need "LoadModule" 
> lines for static compiled modules

There has been a change in the configuration/behavior of modules and 
their stacking and that change is not well documented. In previous 
versions of Samba that exact same acl_xattr module could be declared in 
the [global] section of smb.conf and it would apply to ALL the shares, 
as should be expected. I still have here a retired samba 3.2 server and 
it behaves in that way. This can be very practical if all your clients 
are Windows workstations, as is often the case. As a matter of fact, 
there was a general principle, even referred to in the Samba 
documentation, that global "G" parameters could be used only globally 
but share "S" parameters could be used both in shares and globally, in 
which case they would apply to all shares. This was very practical but 
seems to no longer be the case for Samba 4.x.

> at the end i would say it's not worth at all to spend time with that 
> micro-optimization if there is any optimization at all and stick with 
> defaults

It is worth spending that time in the sense that we can learn about the 
behavior of the software we rely on.

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