[Samba] Why my dir is not available ?

Pierre Couderc pierre at couderc.eu
Sat Mar 12 17:37:36 UTC 2016

I have a samba server with a "var" share.

I have 2 client computers  which mount this share  each one with each 
(identical) /etc/fstab: :

//    /mnt/var        cifs 

On a first client, I try to ls :

ls /mnt/var/www

and I get well the contents of www

On the second client, I get :
ls: cannot open directory /mnt/var/www: Permission denied

How it is possible ? where to look for ?

please note that, on the 2 clients, if I ls  :

ls /mnt/var gives me correct results !!

Thank you for any help.


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