[Samba] use linux user account information on samba

michaels mcs at catalysis.at
Fri Mar 11 22:21:31 UTC 2016

Dear list,
I am having real trouble using the linux authentication system with samba. I
have a configured kerberos and ldap server and authenticate in linux using
nslcd. nfs4 works fine in the linux world. Unfortunately, I am forced :( to have
some windows machines which are supposed to connect to linux fileservers.  If I
understand correctly, I can use sssd on the samba ad domain controller to "glue"
the authentication between samba and the POSIX system. I used principally the
ubuntu single sssd configuration (
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SingleSignOn) but tried many many other
configurations. I also tried winbind to no avail. If I create a user in the
local samba database I can access shares via smbclient:

smbclient //server/netlogon -Uusername -c 'ls' 

A few questiosn:

1) is it actually possible to authenticate a user with the linux authentication
system to access samba shares? 
2) If so can someone give me general directions and any good howtos's or wiki
3) Is the authentication for a smba share happening on the server or the DC? 
4) I was wondering if my ldap setup has anything to do with this? I am not
terribly keen on changing ldap since I cannot say I understand ldap well.

Hope someone can give me directions.

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