[Samba] /etc/msg.sock folder questions regarding nvram/wear leveling.

Andy Walsh andy.walsh44 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 12:08:15 UTC 2016


i try to create a openWRT Samba 4.3 package and stumbled across the fact
that samba 4.3 will create those message socks inside the private-dir. That
results in creating entries inside /etc/samba/msg.sock.

On openWRT /var is a tempFS in ram, so anything there is not a problem
regarding nvram and wear leveling. Yet the root uses a jffs2 overlay. So
while those message socks have no size, jffs2 still needs to write the dir
table, since they survive a reboot.

I'm now wondering how frequently those sock entries are created/deleted
while running samba? In my tests the msg.sock folder kept growing over time
from 3-4 entries to 8/12 ?

Maybe its reasonable to allow /etc/msg.sock to also reside inside the /var
folder, with some extra "dir-xy" configure option or/and smb.conf?


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