[Samba] Russian(Cyrilic) names not working in smbclient 4.3.3

Tompkins, Michael Michael.Tompkins at xerox.com
Thu Mar 10 21:23:43 UTC 2016

Thanks for the reply. Based on having a problem with 4.0.7, and I don't see upcase.dat anymore, I thought something changed in 4.3.3, which may have caused my issue. As it turns out, the password changed without me knowing it. It all works as it should. Russian is always a little tricky for me to debug!  

Sorry for crying wolf ...

- Mike

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On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 04:41:46PM +0000, Tompkins, Michael wrote:
> We are trying to use Russian(Cyrillic) names in smbclient 4.3.3 but that does not seem to work. Previously we had a problem in 4.0.7 which the location of upcase.dat changed from 3.6.5. In 4.3.3, we don't see it trying to access that file, nor do I believe that file needs to be delivered anymore. Is there a new way to configure the printer to use Russian user names ?

More data please. What does "that does not seem to work" look like ?

Logs etc. etc.

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