[Samba] Can't add new DC

MORILLO Jordi J.Morillo at educationetformation.fr
Wed Mar 9 21:04:08 UTC 2016

Hello !

I'm trying to add new DC to my existent domain (18 Samba4 DC) but this time, domain join stuck after setting account password.
I have tried so many things but at this point, i really don't know what to do.

I can see the new dc111 computer object on smb4dc serveur but the object is disable.
If someone have an idea...

Best regards

root at dc111:~# samba-tool domain join pr.educationetformation.fr DC -U administrator --realm=PR.EDUCATIONETFORMATION.FR -W PR --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ --site=PetitQuevilly --server=smb4dc.pr.educationetformation.fr
Password for [PR\administrator]:
workgroup is PR
realm is pr.educationetformation.fr
checking sAMAccountName
Adding CN=DC111,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=pr,DC=educationetformation,DC=fr
Adding CN=DC111,CN=Servers,CN=PetitQuevilly,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=pr,DC=educationetformation,DC=fr
Adding CN=NTDS Settings,CN=DC111,CN=Servers,CN=PetitQuevilly,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=pr,DC=educationetformation,DC=fr
Adding SPNs to CN=DC111,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=pr,DC=educationetformation,DC=fr
Setting account password for DC111$

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