[Samba] Samba AD/DC crashed again, third time in as many months

IT Admin it at cliffbells.com
Wed Mar 9 03:26:51 UTC 2016

To address my comments, and the follow-up comments, on redundancy:  I do
now understand the importance of building robust infrastructure when
implementing AD (or any centralized system like it) in an organization.  I
suppose that the bulk of my experience with traditional Windows based AD
environments has come from work in small business environments where my
clients have had both limited budgets and limited technical knowledge.  All
of these windows networks have relied on a single ADC, and in the fifteen
years I've been supporting networks I have yet to experience a failure of
the magnitude I have on this specific network.

At my current employer we rely on a Windows based AD environment to manage
our domains, and we have multiple ADCs deployed for redundancy of both
Active Directory and DNS.

When deploying Samba as an AD I've followed the same procedure each time,
and currently have it implemented in three locations, all small businesses
with the same aforementioned constraints, tight budgets and minimal
knowledge of the technologies that support their businesses.  For each
deployment I've followed the samba wiki, and with each iteration (or
failure lol) I've gained both experience/comfort and knowledge about the
process, and am now comfortable building the package from source, backing
up the database, and recovering from failures via restores.

The wiki page on deploying Samba as an Active Directory Controller doesn't
mention anything about redundancy, and it wasn't until I built the VM and
joined a second ADC to this domain that I discovered and digested the wiki
content on joining a secondary ADC to a previously existing AD.  Within
that guide it states clearly the importance of redundancy, and after
reading it and battling the repeated failures of this specific machine, I
can't see myself deploying Samba again without redundant ADCs.  I think
including information on the topic within the wiki page on Deploying Samba
as an ADC might be beneficial for newcomers like myself and help others
avoid these pitfalls.  Just my two cents.

On the issue of recovering from the situation I'm currently in:  I
appreciate the guidance given to date but am presently lost as to how I
should proceed.  Could someone point me to wiki content that will guide me
through the process of demoting a PDC and transferring it's role to another
ADC in the forest?  I feel I'm close to resolving this case and don't want
to make mistakes if I can avoid them, and this is all new territory to me.

Thanks in advance,

On Mar 7, 2016 10:29 AM, "Rowland penny" <rpenny at samba.org> wrote:

> On 07/03/16 15:07, mathias dufresne wrote:
>> Answering to previous mail:
>> AD is hearth of infrastructure. That's where all accounts are stored. That
>> last affirmation implies few times after you start deploying AD most of
>> your IT infrastructure depends on AD (all applications need accounts, they
>> are in AD, no AD, no accounts, nothing work) and that you take security in
>> consideration and that you do that seriously: an attacker with
>> administrator account can do almost everything everywhere on machines
>> joined to AD.
>> So redundancy, every times.
> Totally agree
>> You could also think about your own issue: is it the whole DB which is
>> broken or is it the DB on the broken DC? With one DC, the whole DB is the
>> one DC, so you always break the whole DB.
>> With several you get a chance to break only one DC and to have others with
>> a coherent DB. That do not means you will never break the whole DB (backup
>> and a working process to restore is still needed).
> Again agree
>> Second mail:
>> You want to remove your FSMO owner. The FSMO owner is SOA.
> Not necessarily, there are no FSMO roles on my second DC, but it has a SOA.
> These two are really important notion in AD:
>> - FSMO is kind of PDC in NT4 domain,
> Well, to a certain extent and only when you are describing the PDC
> emulator FSMO role
>   these roels must belong to one DC.
> Totally wrong, you can, and probably should, share these about if you have
> more than one DC.
> Seize role before demoting the old one.
> Again wrong, you should try to transfer the role first, only seize it if
> you have to i.e. the FSMO role owner DC is dead.
> - SOA is about DNS, it refers the one server where some client can push DNS
>> modification. Change SOA before you try to add a replacement server to the
>> one you demoted. If you don't the DC you would join to replace demoted DC
>> won't be able to send DNS update!
> It would seem that something has changed and I need to some more testing,
> must add it to my todo list.
> Rowland
>> And yes it possible to get redundancy with dns-backend=SAMBA_INTERNAL.
>> How to test your DNS servers are well configured: samba_dnsupdate gives no
>> error on all DC (this a test related to DNS service only).
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