[Samba] Segmentation Fault when trying to set root samba password, IPA as a backend

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Mar 6 17:40:40 UTC 2016

On 06/03/16 17:28, Harry Jede wrote:
> On 18:11:20 wrote Rowland penny:
>> On 06/03/16 16:22, Harry Jede wrote:
>>> On 17:13:33 wrote Martin Juhl:
>>>> Hi guys
>>>> When trying to set root's password, I get a segmentation fault:
>>>> [root at bart ~]# smbpasswd -a root
>>>> No builtin backend found, trying to load plugin
>>>> Module 'ipasam' loaded
>>>> smbldap_open_connection: connection opened
>>>> ldap_connect_system: successful connection to the LDAP server
>>>> pdb_init_ipasam: support for pdb_enum_upn_suffixes enabled for
>>>> domain bolls.lan New SMB password:
>>>> Retype new SMB password:
>>>> Segmentation fault
>>>> What to do???
>>> Have you ever seen that this is working? Could you give us a link
>>> to some docs which recommend this call with freeipa.
>> The problem was with smbpasswd, this has been fixed in master,
>> unfortunately, whilst the user now gets created in ldap with a
>> password, the command still ends with a segfault.
> I have just started an old vm with samba 3.6.6 as pdc and openlap as
> backend. smbpasswd -a someuser does not work, if someuser does not
> exist.

Are you using smbldap-tools or ldapsam:editposix ?

> if I create a posix user with useradd in /etc/passwd and then try to add
> this user with smbpasswd -a to openlap i get the same error.
> so my 2 cents on this thread:
> passwd -a someuser
> has never worked with a ldap backend.

Well, it is working for me, just because it never worked for you, 
doesn't mean it shouldn't.

> And as Volker said:
> "and I am out of the openldap config business long enough that I don't
> get this set up quickly."

That doesn't mean he is saying it shouldn't work.

> I believe he has just forgotten how smbpasswd works. So currently Volker
> is trying to fix something which do not need any fix. In fact he adds
> new functionality to smbpasswd. But does this makes really any sense?

Lets put it this way, Volker probably knows more about Samba than you 
and me combined and if he thought he was wasting his time, I am sure he 
would have said something.


>> Rowland
>>>> Regards
>>>> Martin

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