[Samba] Map hidden can only work if create mask includes octal 01 (S_IXOTH)

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Mar 6 09:08:59 UTC 2016

On 06/03/16 06:52, Mark Foley wrote:
> This is probably something simple, but I couldn't find the problem addressed in this maillist.
> I've upgraded to Samba 4.x from Samba 3.x.  I'm just using this for "classic" sharing, not
> AD/DC.  I'm getting an error when I run testparm which I didn't with the previous version (or
> didn't notice).
> "Invalid combination of parameters for service public. Map hidden can only work if create mask
> includes octal 01 (S_IXOTH)."
> this section is:
> [public]
>          path = /mnt/RAID/public
>          read only = No
>          create mask = 0660
>          force create mode = 0660
>          directory mask = 0771
>          guest only = Yes
>          guest ok = Yes
>          hide files = /Outlook/outlook/~*/
>          veto oplock files = /OfficeCalendar.pst/
>          map hidden = Yes
> Can someone test me what I need to do to fix this?
> THX --Mark

Well, to be honest the error message is telling you what to do :-)

If you read 'man smb.conf' under the heading 'map hidden (S)' you will 
find this:

            Note that this requires the create mask to be set such that the
            world execute bit is not masked out (i.e. it must include 
001). See
            the parameter create mask for details.

As you are also using 'force create mode' I would suggest you go and 
read the smb.conf manpage, as all three settings affect each other.


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