[Samba] Samba AD/DC crashed again, third time in as many months

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Mar 3 21:01:04 UTC 2016

On 03/03/16 20:33, IT Admin wrote:
> I do have the 4.3.3 sources.  The only configure flag i set was
> --enable-debug.  I can execute that install, however the issue of unwanted
> libs still lingers.  I'm confused, is it or is it not an issue that i have
> libtld, libtalloc and pytalloc libs in /usr/lib?  And if it is an issue
> whats the best path forward to resolve it?
> JS

No, I don't think it is a problem, except for libtld and that is only 
because I have never heard of it :-)     Do you mean libldb ?

My debian server running 4.3.1:

locate libldb


locate libtalloc


locate pytalloc



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