[Samba] Samba AD/DC crashed again, third time in as many months

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Thu Mar 3 19:33:26 UTC 2016

On 03/03/2016 06:34 PM, IT Admin wrote:
> So, I need to verify, what is the proper way to remove the unwanted
> packages in /usr/lib?  Am I trying to remove the correct packages with
> apt?  Can I simply rename the offending files and reboot?

To be absolutely sure to have about a clean and non-corrupt system, I'd 
reccommend to reinstall on a CLEAN os, without manually 
renaming/removing files.

Just install whatever OS you use, like and know on a empty fresh machine 
(I DO like mdadm raid1, and have only good experiences with it, contrary 
to Rowland) One tip: don't use btrfs for your AD server, use ext4, or xfs.

I really advise to NOT start manually deleting stuff etc on your current 
install. You want to be as safe as possible after your misery. Even a 
unused desktop machine with raid1 will be better than patching your 
current misbehaving machine, is my advise.

That way you'd also be able to seperate AD DC functionality from your 
fileserver. If you want to be REALLY cheap, you could even start like this:

desktop machine, raid one, install kvm, and run TWO dc's on that 
machine. It's very easy to move around those kvm machines to different 
hosts, if you get some budget, or another spare machine.

(but: running two DCs on the same host of course does NOT give you 
redundancy if that host goes down, it could just help against the kind 
of corruption you experienced)


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