[Samba] Broken pipe when using ssh with pam_smbpass.so migrate

Simon Nagl simonnagl at aim.com
Thu Mar 3 13:29:21 UTC 2016


I am trying to keep my samba accounts in sync with my unix accounts.
I want to login ssh.
Syncing passwords works.

Scenario: I create a new user:

useradd -m testuser
passwd testuser

When I log in with the user pam_smbpass should create a corresponding samba user.
I modified system-auth which is included in sshd:

#### /etc/pam.d/system-auth
auth     requisite pam_unix.so     try_first_pass nullok
auth      optional  pam_permit.so
auth      required  pam_env.so
auth      optional  pam_smbpass.so  migrate
account   required  pam_unix.so
account   optional  pam_permit.so
account   required  pam_time.so
password  requisite pam_unix.so     try_first_pass nullok sha512 shadow
password  optional  pam_smbpass.so  try_first_pass nollok
password  optional  pam_permit.so
session   required  pam_limits.so
session   required  pam_unix.so
session   optional  pam_permit.so

Now if I try to login with testuser user via ssh I get this error message:
packet_write_wait: Connection to 192.168.xxx.xxx: Broken pipe

If I log in with any other user I get the same message.

If I uncomment the line 
auth    optional    pam_smbpass.so    migrate
and try to login again it works. Also a samba account for testuser has been created.

Does anyone have a solution how this can be fixed?


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