[Samba] samba server with two kerberos realms

Chad William Seys cwseys at physics.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 2 20:12:58 UTC 2016

Hi Rowland et al,

> > The reason I thought sssd would be best is because I want to use the
> > /etc/passwd file for user existence and was easy to set up.
> You cannot have the same user in /etc/passwd and AD i.e. user 'foo' in
> /etc/passwd could, and probably would, be seen as the the AD user 'foo'.

The way the system is set up, username existance and UID is determined by 
/etc/passwd .  Then sssd checks whether username/password are correct or not 
with the kerberos servers and retrieves nothing else (from them).

This works fine as I can log in with ssh using username/password from either 
kerberos realms.

> > If sssd is not going to work for the overall goal of being able to use
> > credentials from either Kerberos realm to authenticate, then I'm happy to
> > ditch it!
> I am not saying that sssd won't work for what you are trying to do, you
> are just asking this in the wrong place, try the sssd-users mailing list.

It seems to me that samba is the sticking point.

If REALM=AD.WISC.EDU I can gain access to samba shares with seys at AD.WISC.EDU, 
but not cwseys at PHYSICS.WISC.EDU.

If REALM=PHYSICS.WISC.EDU, cwseys at PHYSICS.WISC.EDU can gain access, but 
seys at AD.WISC.EDU can not.

I change nothing else besides REALM= in smb.conf .

My guess is that Samba is using REALM=BLAH to check only principals in the 
keytab whose realm is BLAH.

So, it seems as though if Samba could be taught to understand a realm list 
REALM=BLAH,FOO,BAR and check principals from all of them in the keytab, then 
my problem would be solved.

> Just adding 'server role' to a machine you have joined to a domain isn't
> going to make it a standalone server. The definition of a 'standalone
> server' is a server that is not connected to a domain and holds it own
> database of users, groups etc.

I hope to use /etc/passwd /etc/groups as the database of user and groups, not 
get them from active directory.

So I guess I'm hoping for semi-joined.  :)

> To be honest, I have never needed to do this, but I don't think you
> actually authenticate to both kerberos realms, you just setup a trust
> between the two realms, try a search on the internet using 'active
> directory' and 'trusts'.

I think this would work, so long as the active directory admins agree to add 
the krbtgt to their database!  Crossing my fingers.

Thanks again!

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