[Samba] Authentication problem

Dr. Harry Knitter harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de
Thu Jun 30 08:37:59 UTC 2016

Am Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016, 16:06:19 schrieb L.P.H. van Belle:
> Good point Daniel, thanks. Worth a try.
> I am using :
>    interfaces =
>    bind interfaces only = yes
> Rowland, are u using these too?
> And you Harry?
> Greetz,
> Louis

Hello Louis,

I now have added
interfaces = eth0 lo
bind interfaces only = yes

I wanted to avoid using the IPs for more flexibility.

And ist works!

net rpc rights list accounts -U"MYDOM\Administrator"

does not complain any more

Thanks and Greetings to all

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