[Samba] has 'smbtree -N' been emasculated lately?

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 29 20:28:48 UTC 2016

I know smbtree -N used to do what I wanted, because I created an alias to it 
in ~/.bashrc called netview (based upon 'net view' in OS/2) many moons ago, 
when findsmb quit working. Now when I try it in *buntu 16.04 or any recent 
openSUSE or Knoppix (e.g. with samba 4.2.4 in OS 13.1 or 42.1), I always get 
a null return. nmblookup just produces a usage message, and its man page 
doesn't seem to have anything looking equivalent, or even anything that 
produces more than a usage message. Besides using an OS/2 system to run 'net 
view', how is one running in a terminal supposed to find out these days 
what's available on a Windows-free LAN with OS/2 LANMAN shares on it, or even 
any Linux shares? Does something need to be added to or removed from the 
local master's smb.conf?
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