[Samba] How to debug not working Roaming profiles on Samba 4 AD setup?

Thomas DEBESSE thomas.debesse at diocese-frejus-toulon.com
Tue Jun 28 12:33:51 UTC 2016

Rowland penny said:
> If you need to create new users, you could investigate 'samba-tool user
create --help' on a Samba DC, or you can write a script around pdbedit to
update your users.

I did that for my own user:

pdbedit --drive='U:' --homedir='\\FILESERV\thd'
--profile='\\FILESERV\profile' --user='thd'

And it worked ! :-) Thank you very much, I will do that for all my users
soon to fix them, and update my user creation script with that pdbedit call
for future user creation like already do for the logon script path.


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