[Samba] Rights issue on GPO

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Jun 27 13:37:12 UTC 2016

A good howto per exampl.e 


Only i did not do this as computer policy but as user policy. 

In short, 
1) create 2 groups:

2) create 2 policies objects, 

And set in the allow polices  
( as shown in the link but under the user polcies ) 

3) add correct group to the same GPO object.  ( allowed with allowed , etc ) 

3) link the polcies objects in a OU where you can test and where the user is.

4) set the order of these policies to Allowed above the Denied.
	Order 123 , is applied as 3 2 1. 
	1 is highest so..

This is bit like i have ... 

Domain users, alle external devices are denied. 
And based on group memberships : 
USB-.. . etc etc. 

And alle these are failing.
I noticed all security groups which are not "Authenticated Users" are failing. 

Which is a problem for me since all my policies are group right based. 

I also noticed that in my Samba 4 AD DC domain i have 4 groups in "
ForeignSecurityPrincipals  (CN=ForeignSecurityPrincipals ) 
S-1-5-4	( Member of : Users in CN=Buildin ) 
S-1-5-11	( member of : Users and Pre-windows 2000...  ) in CN=Buildin
S-1-5-17	( member of : IIS_IUSRS  ) in CN=Buildin
S-1-5-9	( member of : Windows Authorization Access Group ) in CN=Buildin

I dont see any in ForeignSecurityPrincipals on my 2008R2



> Two things Louis:
> if you look very closely at the differences in the 'ERROR' message, you
> will find the only difference is this:
> against the expected:
> The returned ACL is owned by the 'Local Admins', but it should be owned
> by 'Domain Admins'. As far as I can see, windows doesn't really care who
> owns an object, as long as the ACEs are correct and they are!
> Secondly, more than happy to try adding a GPO, only problem is, I have
> never really added one, can you point me at a good howto ?
> Rowland
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